About Girls Build Kalamazoo

Founded in 2020, Girls Build Kalamazoo is a non-profit organization formed from a passion to make Kalamazoo a more inclusive place to live and work by providing opportunities to young women in the community. 

Girls Build Kalamazoo envisions a world where young women, especially from BIPOC communities, are empowered, confident leaders. With our focus on careers in the traditionally male-dominated fields of construction, trades, and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), as well as real estate and entrepreneurship, we offer middle and high school girls the tools they need to build a future they can be proud of.

Our goal in everything we do is to help our girls Make It.


Girls Build Kalamazoo seeks to empower young women, especially those from BIPOC communities, to become confident leaders in traditionally male-dominated fields such as construction, trades, and STEM, as well as real estate and entrepreneurship. By providing knowledge, tools, support, and fun, we envision a future where girls, equipped with the skills and confidence gained from our hands-on workshops and mentoring, can change the world and contribute to a more inclusive and vibrant Kalamazoo community.


Girls Build Kalamazoo’s vision is to see a world where young women, especially from BIPOC communities, are empowered, confident leaders, shaping the future of male-dominated industries and driving generational change in their communities.


Empowerment – We empower girls to reach their full potential and confidently pursue careers in construction, the trades, STEM, real estate, and entrepreneurship.

Inclusion – We believe in providing equal access to our programs, embracing diversity, and celebrating individuality.

Collaboration – We foster a supportive network that encourages teamwork, mentorship, and girls supporting girls.

Resilience – We cultivate resilience and perseverance, helping girls overcome challenges and thrive in their pursuits.

Love – We demonstrate sincere love and offer individualized attention to each of our girls.

Community – We foster a strong sense of community, confidence, and collective empowerment.

Excellence – We are committed to high-quality, world-class programming and aspire to be an organization that others measure themselves against.

Our Founder

Twala Lockett-Jones is a passionate advocate for homeownership, community development, and empowering underserved populations in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Twala’s dedication to her community, her advocacy for affordable housing, and her passion for empowering others demonstrate her belief that success comes from selflessly serving others with excellence. Her impact on the Kalamazoo community is immeasurable, and she continues to be a driving force in creating positive change for future generations.

Buy the Book

A story written by founder Twala Lockett-Jones follows Princess Mackie and her dream of owning her own castle. All proceeds directly support Girls Build Kalamazoo.

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