Your Donation at Work

The support of our community is invaluable to us and the work that we do. Your generosity helps our girls break down stereotypes, build community, and create excellence—one project at a time. 

Girls Build Kalamazoo envisions a world where young women, especially from BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) communities, are empowered, confident leaders. By providing knowledge, tools, and support, we envision a future where girls, equipped with the skills and confidence gained from our hands-on learning and mentoring, can change the world—with your support.

Give via Cash App

A simple way to give to Girls Build Kalamazoo is by making a donation through CashApp.

Buy the Book

A fun way to give is by purchasing Princess Mackie Buys a House, written by our founder, Twala Lockett-Jones. All proceeds directly support Girls Build Kalamazoo.


Donate a Product

A unique way to give to Girls Build Kalamazoo is by providing tools, materials, and products the girls will use in their projects.

To become a part of our story, please fill out this form to donate.


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