Girls Build Kalamazoo is for middle and high school girls, especially BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) who are interested in the fields of construction, trades, science, technology, engineering, mathematics, real estate, and entrepreneurship. 


While the number of women entering into careers in the trades, construction, STEM, and entrepreneurship is growing, women – and BIPOC women in particular – face challenges that their male counterparts simply don’t. With a dedication to hands-on experiences, we aim to hurdle these barriers, one project at a time.

By providing knowledge, tools, and support, we envision a future where girls, equipped with the skills and confidence gained from our hands-on learning and mentoring, can change the world—with your support. 

You can give in three different ways:

  1. Give via Cash App – A simple way to give to Girls Build Kalamazoo is by making a donation through CashApp. 
  2. Buy the Book – A fun way to give is by purchasing Princess Mackie Buys a House, written by our founder, Twala Lockett-Jones. All proceeds directly support Girls Build Kalamazoo.
  3. Donate a Product – A unique way to give to Girls Build Kalamazoo is by providing tools, materials, and products the girls will use in their projects.

Learn more ways to donate to Girls Build Kalamazoo.

By joining Girls Build Kalamazoo as a volunteer, you become an integral part of the movement to inspire confidence, foster skill development, and build a more inclusive Kalamazoo, particularly for the young women of our community. Together, we can shape the future for the next generation of leaders. 

There are three ways to volunteer with us: 

  1. Help with Programs – Walk alongside the young women of our community by giving your time, knowledge, and support as they work. 
  2. Teach a Workshop – Showcase your expertise in topics related to construction, the trades, STEM, real estate, and entrepreneurship. 
  3. Host a Tour – Invite our girls to come and see your space and experience for themselves what it might be like to work in the field. 

Learn how to volunteer with Girls Build Kalamazoo.

Founded in 2020 by Twala Lockett-Jones, the broker and owner of Lockett-Jones Realty Group, Girls Build Kalamazoo is a non-profit organization formed from a passion to make Kalamazoo a more inclusive place to live and work by providing opportunities to young women in the community. 

Learn more about Twala and Girls Build Kalamazoo.

Through the workshops that we host throughout the year, girls gain the knowledge and skills to build with their own hands. We prioritize hands-on learning with mentors who provide support to them as they complete each project. From re-covering pillows to building benches and more, our girls take pride in making beautiful things with their own hands. 

 While we are not currently accepting new applicants, you can be the first to know when our registration period opens by filling out this form. We’re excited to have you join us at Girls Build Kalamazoo. 

Learn more about our programs and get notified when our registration opens.

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