Girls Build Kalamazoo’s First Summer Session Empowers and Inspires

Girls Build Kalamazoo is dedicated to breaking down barriers and stereotypes as we help girls explore, engage, and excel in real estate, construction, and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.

Our inaugural 2022 summer session did all that and more! Participants developed life skills, confidence, and leadership abilities, engaged in hands-on learning experiences, accessed mentorship from industry professionals, and developed financial literacy skills while building relationships—and having a lot of fun!

Adventures in Construction and Real Estate

Our 2022 summer program participants learned hands-on skills, explored construction and real estate careers, and took field trips around the community. Onsite sessions included an introduction to hand tools; a chance to build scale models of homes; and ‘design on a dime’ tips from a home stager, with a chance to use provided materials to spruce up a living space.

Field trips were a program highlight. One outing took participants to an under-construction subdivision, where they explored every stage of the building process by touring excavated lots, framed-in structures, and finished homes. Another field trip took the group to a home design center, where they explored building materials from siding to flooring to countertops. During a visit to a tiny home, the girls learned about a variety of building tools and methods from the owner-builder.

At the end of the summer session, participants took home their own tool box and the projects they had made (including a wooden bench, throw pillows, and small model home). They also took home the confidence, knowledge, and experience to potentially pursue a career in construction or real estate; the basic skills to maintain their own future homes; and life skills they can use no matter where their lives take them.

How to Get Involved

Girls Build Kalamazoo will offer a new round of programs beginning in January 2024, including a 2024 summer session. You can help empower our community’s future leaders by making a donation or by contacting us to discuss being a presenter or field trip host. Girls in middle school or high school are invited to sign up for future programs.

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