Kalamazoo Community Supporters Help Build Bright Futures for Kalamazoo Girls

Building a house is a group effort. From the real estate agent who helps secure the land to the inspectors who approve plans to the builder and skilled tradespeople who do the construction—not to mention everyone involved in creating, supplying, and delivering the building materials—it takes a team of specialists who are passionate about what they do and dedicated to the project’s positive outcome.

Empowering young women with life skills and career exploration opportunities is a similar proposition. It requires the talents, time, and generosity of a community of committed professionals.

Girls Build Kalamazoo (GBK) brings together local businesses, professionals, and volunteers to empower and inspire girls to explore, engage, and excel in the fields of construction, real estate, and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Presenters and Field Trip Hosts Keep Girls Engaged

If you work in the building trades or real estate, own a construction or related business, or work in a STEM-related field, you can join us in inspiring the next generation of Kalamazoo leaders! As part of our programming, we invite local professionals to speak with girls about their area of expertise and, if appropriate, lead them in a hands-on project. Learn more about our programs.

So whether you’re a plumber who can explain how to unclog a sink, the owner of a building supply store who can host a field trip, or a pharmaceutical scientist who can introduce girls to your industry—let’s work together to help today’s girls build the Kalamazoo of tomorrow!  

Volunteers Help Girls Explore

We wouldn’t be able to run our programming without help from our volunteers. From carpooling to helping participants with hands-on projects to acting as mentors, our volunteers are critical to our programs’ success.

Donors Empower Girls to Grow

Last but not least—just as a home builder needs a bank loan or other source of funding, Girls Build Kalamazoo relies on our generous donors for supplies, tools, transportation, meeting space, and other expenses. Contributions from community leaders and businesses allow us to offer no-cost programming to prepare the change-makers of the future. 

Ready to help? Donate or contact us today!

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